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Today, I’m feeling inspired by out-of-the-box advertising. In the most recent Vanity Fair issue, I came across this beautiful perfume ad. “LUCREZIA. ‘The pity was, he loved a Borgia.’” I opened the perfume flap and was immediately whisked away to an ancient time where scandal reigned free. I turned the page to learn more and lo and behold - this is no perfume ad at all. This is an ad for Showtime’s®upcoming show “The Borgias.” I was duped but I’m not in the least upset about it! I was immediately intrigued, I now have a scent to associate with the show (did you know the sense of smell has the strongest ties to memory?), and I want to learn more/watch the show. What a way to make [a TV show about] history interesting, right? And I still want to buy the perfume!

What has inspired you lately? Any cool advertising that has really stuck out to you?

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